Baba Stiltz – Dive EP

Long, hot summer nights. Regardless of how they are spent, Baba Stiltz 12" on Under Bron Recordings is an anthem for those moments. Playing it cool, much like Baba himself, the pulsating rhythms keeps a balanced energy over the entire opening track 'Dive'.

He also seems to have been taking time travels, where 'Running Game (Worlds)' is placed as a breeze for the 1980's sunsets of today.

Pillip Lauer restructures 'Dive' into a excursionists groove, where the atmosphere is taken from the nights into the caves.

A1: Dive
A2: Running Game (Worlds)
B1: Dive (Phillip Lauer remix)
YSS – Descend EP

YSS – Descend EP

Anthem alert: YSS delivers a golden ticket into a transcendent world, where swirling synthesis and drums twines together into a state of bliss. Melvin Oliphant III, also known as Traxx, turns on the lightbulb in the basement, transforming 'Descend' into a well formed intimate late night. 'Eiger' finishes off the second UBR 12-inch, where drive and solitude keeps a straight pace throughout.

A1: YSS – Descend
B1: Traxx – Descend Remake
B2: YSS – Eiger
WRD – Sounds in the Grass EP

The first release from Under Bron Recordings highlights a firm and direct feeling, like being seduced and sharing something personal with somebody new, the A-side showcasing a mixture of dialogue and trust. Keeping a steady house groove and pace, 'Sounds In The Grass' inspires the dust from the ceiling at your local warehouse to come down to the ground again, while 'Waiting To Exhale' turns to the conversationalists standing by the bar or on the outskirts of the dance floor.

Delroy Edwards remix on the B-side expands the WRD horizon and brings in a different blueprint, where swirling sounds combines the track into a beautiful palette of youth and decay.

A1: WRD – Sounds in the Grass
A2: WRD – Waiting to Exhale
B1: Delroy Edwards – Sound in the Grass Remix